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"Know the Difference" Campaign Expanding Asthma Education in Suffolk County Passes Legislature

A bill sponsored by Legislator Susan A. Berland creating the “Know the Difference” asthma education campaign and requiring stores in Suffolk County that contain pharmacies to post notices about asthma inhalers passed the Suffolk County Legislature.....

...."Even in the best of circumstances, a patient that knows the difference between their rescue medication and their controller medications can better control their asthma and potentially avoid a respiratory emergency,” said Anne Little, MPH, Director of Health Promotions for the American Lung Association in New York. “

"The Asthma Coalition of Long Island has long been working to connect our community in support of every child with asthma,” said Alexandra Kranidis, MPH, Director of the Asthma Coalition of Long Island. “Providing asthma self-management education programs is a key part of empowering people with asthma to live full and active lives. 

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