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Taking Asthma to School

Improve Asthma Management in Schools

How asthma-friendly is your school? Accounting for more than 13.8 million lost school days each year, asthma is one of the main illness-related reasons that students miss school. Asthma management in schools requires a comprehensive approach that includes improving indoor air quality and improving a student's access to asthma medicine throughout the school day.

Learn more at the American Lung Association's Asthma in Schools page

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Asthma Management in Schools: Community of Practice​

Explore the American Lung Association's online learning management system with courses and webinars on topics relating to managing asthma in the school setting. Topics include:

  • Let's Take Control of Asthma

  • Asthma Management in Schools Guide

  • Asthma Medication and Devices

  • Asthma Action Plan

Access these and other online learning opportunities by following the steps below:

  1. Go to

  2. Click Sign In, or Create an Account.

  3. Once signed in, scroll down through the trainings.

  4. Under New York American Lung Association Asthma Management in Schools: Community of Practice, click ENTER.

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To find out more about
Open Airways for Schools®
training and implementation in New York State, please contact
for locations outside of NY, please contact
New York State Center for School Health


A statewide resource for school health personnel that offers guidance, educational materials, forms and templates for the management of health and wellness in schools.
Asthma-specific resources include asthma clinical guidelines, asthma action plans, medication, spacer/valved holding chamber information and resources for educating students, families and school staff.
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