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Asthma Trigger House

Asthma triggers are things that can cause asthma symptoms to flare up or make it harder to breathe. Many triggers can be found in your home and other places. Asthma triggers are different for everybody. Avoiding asthma triggers can help lessen your asthma symptoms. A plan to reduce or remove such triggers can be made with your doctor.
The faculty and students at Stony Brook Children’s, Stony Brook University, and Downstate Health Sciences University and the American Lung Association’s health promotions staff have created a fun learning tool called the Asthma Trigger House.
Use this tool to find and learn about common asthma triggers in a home. There are four rooms in our house to visit. Click on an item in the room to learn if it is a trigger and how to avoid or reduce the trigger.
Trigger house2021-05-04 160231.png
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