Allergy and Asthma Network Mothers of Asthmatics (AANMA)
AANMA focuses on providing both current and comprehensive knowledge about asthma and allergies.  Its web site provides asthma statistics, tips from families living with asthma, and links to the many publications AANMA sponsors

American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI)
The largest professional specialty organization in the United States, AAAAI strives to advance the knowledge and practice of allergies, asthma, and immunology so that patients receive the best possible care.  The web site has information for both patients and health care professionals, and portions of the site can be viewed in Spanish.

American Lung Association                                                                                     
Contains asthma information for both adults and children, notifies viewers of advocacy opportunities and provides a helpline number for questions. 

American Academy of Pediatrics                                                                                                                                                                             
Parenting corner with articles and resources for asthma & other health related topics.

American College of Chest Physicians                                                                      

American Thoracic Society
ATS is a leading medical association dedicated to advancing lung, critical care and sleep medicine.      

Association of Asthma Educators
AAE promotes asthma education, raises the competence of health care professionals who educate individuals and families affected by asthma and  the standard of care, reflects the recommendations of the national guidelines and serves to meet the needs of the target population.

Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA)
One of the oldest non-profit asthma and allergy organizations, AAFA supports education, advocacy and research around asthma and allergies.  It provides educational materials and practical information about how to live with asthma and/or allergies.  In addition, it provides community-based services and support through a national network of chapters and support groups. 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
This website provides information on diseases, environmental health and other health-related topics.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Striving to decrease exposure to indoor asthma triggers, this web site provides a list of some of the most common indoor asthma triggers and where they are often found.  In addition, the site provides basic information on asthma, media awareness campaigns, scientific research on asthma, and community outreach opportunities.

Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)
IHI aims to improve health care around the world.  Its asthma web page provides information on how to better manage asthma, improvement stories, and research literature about asthma.                                                                                                

Nassau County Department of Health
The Nassau County Department of Health promotes and protects the health of the residents of Nassau County. The mission is accomplished through direct services and community partnerships.

National Asthma Educator Certification Board
This website provides information about the national certification tests for Asthma Educators as well as resources for asthma educators.


National Environmental Education Foundation: Pediatric Asthma Initiative

The Pediatric Asthma Initiative is a long-term project which aims to integrate environmental management of asthma into pediatric medical and nursing education and practice.


National Health, Lung and Blood Institute's National Asthma Education and Prevention Program
This Program was created to increase awareness asthma as a chronic disease in patients, health care professionals, and the public, to encourage early detection of symptoms, and to manage asthma effectively.  Its web site documents its achievements thus far and lists its future goals and plans.

The National Initiative for Children's Healthcare Quality (NICHQ)

Quality is an action-oriented organization dedicated solely to improving the quality of health care provided to children

New York State Department of Health
Information for a healthy New York.

No Attacks
Provides helpful information about living with asthma and on how to prevent asthma attacks.  The latter, designed especially for kids with asthma, has fun, downloadable games, crossword puzzles, mazes, and coloring pages.  This site can be viewed in English or in Spanish.

Starbright Foundation
Quest for the Code®-An online asthma game that helps children and teens learn how to manage their asthma, find coping tips and get advice.


Suffolk County Department of Health Services
The Suffolk County Department of Health Services promotes and protects the health of the residents of Suffolk County.


Tobacco Action Coalition of Long Island
TAC aims to increase the acceptance of non-smoking: the prevention of youth initiation; the cessation of tobacco use; and the protection of non-smokers by working through media advocacy, policy initiatives and existing tobacco education and control programs.

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